Performance Management

Projects we have worked on include:

Financial Services:
Working with an asset management business to design a performance management approach where the responsibility for reviewing performance and planning objectives and development plans was passed to individual fund and investment managers so that they took responsibility for performance improvement. This was done in an environment where the external regulator set requirements for the development and recording of skills and control systems required of the company and individual managers.

Food Distribution:
Helping a distribution company develop a performance management approach covering organisational/management objectives and pay management. The new processes required managers to take on an explicit and regular coaching responsibility for their staff.

Retail Services:
Working with a newly established airport retail business to determine how best to link performance and reward in the development of new pay systems and structures at the same time as they integrated two organisations into one across all the major UK airports.

Public Sector:
Designing new organisational roles and then the consequent impact on pay, grading and performance management arrangements for a public sector agency as it responded to the different expectations of the Government after the 1997 General Election.

Not for Profit Sector:
Implementing new performance management arrangements and reward systems for a national influencing organisation which was determined to retain its values of working together and individual contribution whilst coping with increasing complexity in jobs and structure.

Helping NHS trusts to decide on the major principles that they wanted to declare in how they led and managed their people as a precursor to considering how they might develop local pay arrangements. Major issues related to how they could move from highly complex to simpler pay structures and whether pay increases should relate to individual performance or the development of skills.