Organisational Change

Projects we have worked on include:

Media Industry:
Working with the Executive Directors of a major media organisation to begin the process of changing the culture to suit a multi-business organisation and then introducing those new approaches to their senior management group. Key issues were about setting the “stakes in the ground” which defined the kind of culture desired, communicating the aims and progress of the businesses together and developing the skills of the senior managers.

Pensions Services:
Working with the subsidiary of a major UK global company on a large change Management project to cope with their own radical internal change in systems, work practices and relationship with their customers at the same time as their owner itself made major changes in the make-up of its businesses.

Public to Private Sector:
Working with the Board and senior managers of a Government agency as they moved from loss-making through to MBO-led privatisation and successful growth after making decisions on its shape, organisation and people. Facilitating a regular series of workshops for directors and managers to help them develop their views and policies.