Individual/Team Development

Projects we have worked on include:

Public to Private Sector:
Development, organisation and facilitation of a series of workshops for the directors and all senior and middle level managers to help them identify and agree the key objectives, values and behaviours required of them to lead the business as a public sector agency delivering technical consultancy and services to a range of clients. The work led to radical changes in organisation, greater emphasis on market sectors and general marketing focus, and clarification on key roles.

Designing and then delivering a series of development programme and individual/team assessments for senior managers in one of the Top Five accountancy practices to help them move towards and prepare for partnership in a 2/3 year timeframe.

Management Consultancy:
Workshops and individual/team assessments with the partners and then with their actuarial/benefits consulting staff of a major US-owned HR consultancy business to help them develop wider personal and business awareness along with their technical skills.

Private Banking:
Working with the Private Client management team of a major international bank helping them to develop their ways of working individually and as a team setting the right model for their staff in what has traditionally been a very individualistic business.

All Sectors:
Organising and facilitating leadership and team building workshops for professionals and managers in a range of different organisations – in financial services; software; construction and pharmaceuticals sectors – to help them learn how to work effectively together, set the right leadership models for their staff and grow their businesses. Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator as a key tool to help people learn about themselves and colleagues – and become more effective together.