The Business of HR

Projects we have worked on include:

Insurance Services:
Working with the HR director and the HR global management team of a European owned business to make a start on introducing some common elements along with major changes in the ways in which the envisaged their roles and delivered services to their line colleagues. It was critical to understand and acknowledge different national imperatives along with common ways of sharing HR priorities.

Working with the HR management team of a global telecommunications company to design and introduce the right HR organisation and structure to enable the business to achieve its planned business growth in the UK where the HR function had a major role in recruiting, training, and developing the culture needed to achieve enormous growth in a two year business cycle.

Working with the HR Director and the wider HR team of a UK bank to develop a business plan for HR and the services that it delivered to their line colleagues units at the time when the business was moving from being one centralised organisation to a number of relatively-independent business units. Identifying both the key deliverables and significant measures of an HR business.

Insurance/Financial Services:
Helping the operational HR team of an insurance/financial services business to make a start on agreeing their key priorities, the ways in which they worked together, and what their colleagues/customers expected of them. They started with the aim of “Being the Best HR Team Ever” and realised how demanding it was to identify what they meant by this, how they would measure their progress towards achieving that radical aim – and what would it mean in the eyes of managers and the staff generally in the organisation.

Process Industry:
Working with the HR Director and then with the policy and operational team to plan the integration of two HR functions that had previously worked independently and sometime competitively. Helping them to address some difficult issues and then move forward as a combined group supporting a global business that itself faced difficult economic circumstances.