Insights and Ideas

These pages set out some ideas we use in our consulting work that will tell you more about us and also, hopefully, give you some ideas. We have included a description of some of the consulting beliefs that we have evolved.

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Our Consulting Beliefs

We work on a collaborative basis where the change and the processes involved belong from the start to the people who will have to live with it in the future. They own the old and the new ways of working. We operate with and from strengths of the organisation and its people to meet their […]

Books and Articles

Some of our ideas and thinking can be found in these papers: Becoming a ‘World Class’ Organisation Communication – you can’t change without it The Trails and Trials of Change – Join the Wagon Train How to be your own Management Consultant Peter Lewis Jones has also written a Chapter in the book “How to […]

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Working with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI™) 1. The MBTI provides information to individuals about aspects of their preferred style and approaches to life and how these are similar to or different from other people. Feedback is given directly to the individual and it is the individual who decides what is their Type and […]