The Business of Human Resources


Human Resource Champions
Dave Ulrich

“The best book available on the new HR. It provides a vast array of useful tools for the HR professional” Edward E Lawler. What more can be said about an excellent and helpful book.

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Ethical Issues in Contemporary HRM
Editors Winstanley & Woodal

A series of academic contributions addressing issues related to the ethical dimension and approach in a number of HR interventions from reward to development.

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Strategic Human Resource Management
Fombrun, Tichy & Devanna

Articles and case studies, all from the US, about key strategic issues and their implementation in a business as well as HR context. Still a relevant book despite being published as long ago as 1984.

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A New Mandate for Human Resources

Dave Ulrich

“HR should be defined not by what it does but by what it delivers.” ” HR’s activities appear to be – and often are – disconnected from the real work of an organisation”. And the article seeks to help HR professionals move on from those quotations.

HBR, January/February 1998