Personal Development


First Things First
Stephen R Covey

This American book describes a leadership approach and personal discipline that managers can choose to adopt at work and generally. He emphasises the important of self-awareness and the kind of model of appropriate behaviours or habits that managers should present to their staff. Some people will have come across his “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” model.

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Man’s Search for Meaning
Viktor E Frankl

Part autobiography and part theoretical development about our individual motivation and our ability to make positive choices about we respond to events. Frankl describes his years in a Second World War concentration camp and the beliefs that he developed that helped him survive.

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Emotional Intelligence
Daniel Goleman

Are those who “win” the ones with traditional IQ intelligence or does EQ have a more significant role. And what about Spiritual Intelligence (not covered here)? Self-awareness seems to be the key.

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Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership
Joseph Jaworski

A very personal book about how the author developed ideas about leadership, the people with whom he discussed some fundamental issues about his personal stance and activities, and how he moved forward in his life. Sounds fanciful but it is one of those books you keep reading to get to the end-point.

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Profound Simplicity
Will Schutz

A US “New Age” book that will help managers think hard about their beliefs and ways of doing things. As Schutz says “there is no such thing as an accident” – and if we suspend our immediate disbelief, we might actually end up agreeing with him.

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The David Solution
Valerie Stewart

An optimistic book about people’s potential to grow and contribute much more to their organisation. Worth reading to check out if your business has too many of the bureaucratic/cover your back characteristics than you would like.

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