Organisational Effectiveness and Change


The Balanced Scorecard
Robert Kaplan & David Norton

The book that first developed the ideas of using The Balanced Scorecard (Customer, Financial, Processes and Learning) as a means of driving the strategy amd operations of any business.

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The Challenge of Change In Organisations
Barger & Kirby

“Why do people react to and deal with change so differently?” The question that the book seeks to answer and practical lessons on how to help people through the change processes, using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator as a basic model for understanding and acknowledging those differences.

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The Goal 
Goldratt & Cox

An unusual management textbook written as an enjoyable novel that argues that managers must look really hard to find the fundamental causes of problems and bottlenecks in their work and personally. The book makes it clear that there are no easy answers and problems need to be addressed with hard thinking.

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The Future of Work
Charles Handy

One of Handy’s older books but addressing important issues about how work will be done and organised; and some of the issues remain to be addressed even though the book was written in 1985.

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How to be your own Management Consultant
Ed Calvert Markham

A series of chapters about different tools and techniques for improving the effectiveness of an organisation. Written by consultants who are wiling to share their skills with business managers.

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Designing Organisations
Philip Sadler

Lots of good advice and examples of what can make organisations work well and effectively.

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Managing Change and Making it Stick
Roger Plant

The title well-describes the book. Sets out some tools and techniques for managers to use that can help them make change actually happen rather than just being something they would like to happen.

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Images of Organisation
Gareth Morgan

A major attempt to get inside organisations and describe how what they look like, what happens inside them and how people try to make them work well. Some challenging ideas about what happens in organisations, almost despite the efforts of those who work in them.

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Transforming Work & Transforming Leadership
John D Adams

Two companion volumes of readings on organisational transformation and change. Mostly but not entirely US-based but bringing together (rather like Senge) some practical and also some challenging notions about how organisations can be turned into high performing entities. And the ideas remain fresh in the 21st century.

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