Mergers & Acquisitions


Are You Paying Too Much for That Acquisition?
Eccles, Lanes & Wilson

“The key is knowing what your top price is – and having the discipline to stick to it.”

HBR July/August 1999


Making the Deal Real: How GE Capital Integrates Acquisitions
Ashkenas, DeMonaco & Francis

“The work starts well before the ink is dry”. Lessons and a convincing and practical model from the company that is very clear about the difference between an acquisition and a merger.

HBR January/February 1998


Can This Merger Be Saved?
Sarah Cliffe

A fascinating post-merger case study that looks at issues of cultural differences between the US and the UK as well as the different approaches to managing organisations – and what their longer-term goals are.

HBR January/February 1999


Lessons from Master Acquirers: A CEO Roundtable
Dennis Carey

A discussion between a number of senior CEOs, almost exclusively from a US perspective but also including some global mergers, about the lessons that they have learned.

HBR May/June 2000