Leadership and Learning


The Empowered Manager
Peter Block

Helping individual managers to think about and what and how they do things, what they can change if they really want to do so – and some practical ideas about how to change carefully and practically. The title could reasonably be changed to “The empowered employee”.

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The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook
Peter Senge

Lots of different organisational examples, case studies and questionnaires to help managers involve others in planning and implementing change. The examples are there to be copied or amended as needed by the reader. If you want to know more, look at the linked book – “The Fifth Discipline.”

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Narcissistic Leaders
Michael Maccoby

Provocative in looking at successful, and also not so successful, leaders in terms of Freud’s descriptions of narcistic types. Worth reading to help people think about what works and what does not work in leadership styles, and why.

HBR January/February 2000


What Makes a Leader?
Daniel Goleman

A review of leadership characteristics that provides a reinforcement of the messages in Goleman’s book about Emotional Intelligence. Leaders need to have the self-awareness to understand their own uses of EI.

HBR, November/December 1998


Leadership That Gets Results
Daniel Goleman

A report on some significant research in the US on how successful leaders use their personal skills to get effective results in their organisations. Goleman look at a range of leadership styles – and considers those that have short-term impact compared to those with longer-term outcomes.

HBR, March/April 2000


Teaching Smart People How to Learn
Chris Argyris

And why we have such difficulty doing so because we have been trained to evaluate in a critical way rather than looking at our own responsibility to learn about our own sub-conscious processes.

HBR, May/June 1991


Double Loop Learning in Organisations
Chris Argyris

Do we just deal with short-term problems and fixes – or do we also have ways to learn from our learning so that we do not keep repeating similar patterns and mistakes.

HBR, September/October 1977