Books We Like

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These are some of the books that we have enjoyed and that have made us think – and they have also been helpful in our work with clients.

You can get them at your library or order through our links with – by clicking on the appropriate link below each review. Amazon’s prices are, as many of you will know, much lower than street-front bookshops.



Personal Development

  First Things First Stephen R Covey This American book describes a leadership approach and personal discipline that managers can choose to adopt at work and generally. He emphasises the important of self-awareness and the kind of model of appropriate behaviours or habits that managers should present to their staff. Some people will have come […]

Organisational Effectiveness and Change

  The Balanced Scorecard Robert Kaplan & David Norton The book that first developed the ideas of using The Balanced Scorecard (Customer, Financial, Processes and Learning) as a means of driving the strategy amd operations of any business. Order – The Balanced Scorecard   The Challenge of Change In Organisations Barger & Kirby “Why do […]

The Business of Human Resources

  Human Resource Champions Dave Ulrich “The best book available on the new HR. It provides a vast array of useful tools for the HR professional” Edward E Lawler. What more can be said about an excellent and helpful book. Order – Human Resource Champions Ethical Issues in Contemporary HRM Editors Winstanley & Woodal A […]

Mergers & Acquisitions

  Are You Paying Too Much for That Acquisition? Eccles, Lanes & Wilson “The key is knowing what your top price is – and having the discipline to stick to it.” HBR July/August 1999   Making the Deal Real: How GE Capital Integrates Acquisitions Ashkenas, DeMonaco & Francis “The work starts well before the ink is […]

Team Management

  Management Teams: why they succeed or fail Meredith Belbin Belbin’s book describes the different inter-personal and teamwork skills and attributes that people bring to working with others. He emphasises hat we can choose to adapt our style rather than feel that we have but one style to choose from. Order – Management Teams: why […]

Leadership and Learning

  The Empowered Manager Peter Block Helping individual managers to think about and what and how they do things, what they can change if they really want to do so – and some practical ideas about how to change carefully and practically. The title could reasonably be changed to “The empowered employee”. Order – The […]

For A Wider View

  The State We’re In Will Hutton Claimed to be the most widely read economics book published in the last fifty years. A polemic about the short-term approaches of the City and the destructive effects of the last Conservative Government. Well argued and convincing – even if you disagree. Order – The State We’re in […]